DOE 100% Organic Hemp Soap


Our soap is prepared in the foot hills of himalaya by traditional soap making method, hemp seed oil has been believed as one of the best oil for skin care. inspired with the ayurveda, this soap is prepared by blending hemp seed oil with natural base oils, essential oil and natural colorant, so no chemicals are added… being natural these soaps are beneficial to your skin.
its especially good for mature skin and if often used to soften dry and irritated skin.

Used in acne, dry skin, dry hair, eczema and psoriasis products a non-greasy emollient that penetrates easily
said to increase elasticity, shine and manageability of hair.
helps to protect skin from excessive water and moisture loss.
contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties..
saponifies slowly but produces a stable and conditioning lather in soap.

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